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Brandon Mason, American TV Personality is Gaining Exposure

New York Wire by Sean Wrigley

American TV personality and sports analyst, Brandon Mason is gaining exposure in the media world with his newfound opportunity with The Brandon Mason Show. His transition from sports to the media industry is moving quicker than most. Mason is making an impact in the world of sports and entertainment as he races through the growth process due to his sports history and social media presence.

Brandon Mason grew up in New Jersey chasing dreams of becoming an NFL Football Player and began playing at the age of 5. Throughout his journey in sports, he attained several accolades and awards including the Gatorade Player of the Year, MVP of the Governor’s Bowl featuring New York vs New Jersey, High School Heisman, All State Awards, Express Times Player of the Year and Endorsement Opportunities in New York City. His highlights earned him numerous full-ride scholarships and a list of visits to major NCAA programs. However, after a roadblock in the form of a severe knee injury during his college days (the University of Pittsburgh and Stony Brook University) he realized there was much to focus on. His NFL career came to an end after workouts with the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins due to knee complications. One door closes but another door opens.

Brandon Mason, the young entrepreneur kept building business and investments to fund his long overdue journey as an American TV Personality. He started out his career gaining exposure within social media and branding through websites and tech platforms. His goal was to keep the awareness and clients trending through livestreams and radio. Mason was featured on the Howard Stern Show after being invited to speak live with the cast. Mason was asked to train High Pitch Erik who was severely overweight. The media kept following as he built a considerable fanbase with emails flying in from other networks. Bit by bit he found himself further engrossed in the world of media and started a new chapter in his life with the launch of his own platform, “The Brandon Mason Show.” Although a daunting decision Brandon has never been one to shy away from a challenge and hosting the Brandon Mason Show came naturally to him. Watch Mason continue to grow in the ranks of media as a sports analyst featuring trending topics and live entertainment.

Follow Brandon Mason’s journey and connect with him on social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or visit his website.


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