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Brandon Mason Persues New York Opportunity as American TV Personality

New York Weekly by Agnes Gilyard

Brandon Mason, American Media Personality and Entertainer, is on the rise with his new venture “The Brandon Mason Show.”

With his current media attention, he plans to build The Brandon Mason Show at a rapid rate with great support and strong production. Spending most of his time on the East Coast in New York and Miami, Mason has expanded his contacts and relationships in the media world but now Los Angeles is calling his name. Due to his history in sports and social media presence, Mason is having an effect in the world of entertainment.

How it started

We all know the famous saying, “When one door closes, another one opens.” Well this is exactly what happened for Brandon Mason following his football career that was cut short due to a knee injury. Raised in New Jersey, the aspiring NFL football Player started playing football at just five years old. His parents signed him up at a local team and it wasn’t long before Mason found his talents as a Running Back. Gaining attention in sports at a young age, he developed a knack for the media through interviews and speaking engagements.

Football Career

High School Awards such as Gatorade Player of the Year, High School Heisman, MVP Governor’s Bowl in New York vs. New Jersey, All State Achievements and Express Times Player of the Year are just a few of the honors and awards he has received during his athletic career. Even though he had his mind focused on sports, he always had a vision in the world of technology which kept his interest in the media. While others partied, Mason found himself studying levels of code in applications similar to the social media outlets we see today. Using his history in sports and unique personality, Mason has connected the dots from sports to a full opportunity in television.

Everything was shining bright for Mason as he accepted his scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh to play Division 1a football for one of the top programs in the country as the Panthers played in the Fiesta Bowl his freshman year. As a true freshman, Mason started as a kick returner and played a role at Running Back. The team, along with Mason, was stunned when their head coach was fired after a successful season which later led Mason to transferring schools to Stony Brook University. He led the team in touchdowns as the team leaped into new conference play. As Mason began reaching new levels, he suffered a season ending knee injury and a setback in the NFL Draft. Fighting through the injuries he ended his football career with private workouts for the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins and Group Workouts with the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers.

Whats Next

With the “Brandon Mason Show’ in full motion, Mason plans to build one of the biggest entertainment platforms as he looks for headquarters locations. The new era as an American TV Personality is paying off big time as he receives advertisement deals and yearly contracts. “I plan to welcome athletes, celebrities and top influencers on the show to give a unique style of entertainment, this is a huge year for me,” says Mason. Brandon Mason has risen through the ranks in many sectors and plans to achieve much more in the years ahead.

Interesting Facts

  • Attended Stella Actor as he chased his acting career following his football journey which was an addition to the experience in the media.

  • Was seen on the Howard Stern Show speaking about health and fitness in Howard’s New York City Studio Compound.

  • Mason has launched more than 8 profitable companies and brands.

  • Lived in over 6 different states

Favorite Quote

“Don’t start, if you don’t plan to finish”

Follow his journey on all Social Media Platforms:

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