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Brandon Mason Plans to Join the Howard Stern Show for His Second Appearance

Brandon Mason, Howard Stern Show

Mason said he was dedicated to helping Erik lose 100 lbs. within six months. Howard, Robin, and Gary tried to talk the unsuspecting trainer out of it, recounting all of Erik's past attempts at dieting and his near-certain requests for money, food, and favors that will soon be directed at Brandon. And then there will be the incessant phone calls.

"It's going to be a disaster," Howard told him. Brandon stayed strong in his commitment until the conversation turned to Erik's preference to be stretched while wearing minimal clothing. Howard surmised that Erik was just doing this because he found Brandon attractive.

While Erik remained steadfast in his love for only Donnie Wahlberg, he did offer his own guess as to how big Brandon's penis was: 9 inches. Donnie's, meanwhile, Erik thought was closer to 11 inches.

All jokes aside, Gary offered Erik an deal he couldn't refuse: If Erik could lose the 100 lbs. in six months he'd pay him $500. If Erik loses, he would only have to pay Gary $100.

Howard Stern Show


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